"I really appreciate Jason's extremely personal way of doing business. When he called to go over our needs, it felt like chatting with a friend who wanted to help me get something set up - not just someone who wanted my business."

- Customer since 2017

"Jason made the process of securing new coverage for a new house in a new city easier than I could have imagined. When you're confronted with the thousands of details that go into a big move, it's nice to know that some of the most important were handled by someone who was readily available, helpful, kind, and experienced. Thanks so much Jason."

-Customer since 2017

"You took the stress out of shopping for the best deal by finding me a plan for both auto and renters insurance that were reasonably priced with the coverage I was after. Quick, easy and all done through the phone. Friendly and knowledgeable service that is invaluable."

 - Amanda A., customer since 2017

"Jason's service is first class. He saved a good bit of money on our policies. However, his service and speed were tremendous."

 - Jeff M., customer since 2017

"No matter how much or how little you know about insurance Jason makes it easy to understand.  I like that lots!"

- Brandon G. , customer since 2016

"Quick response time!"

 - Phillip G., customer since 2016

"Very competitive life insurance rates. Professional, prompt follow up - would highly recommend."

– Darla B., customer since 2017

"Jason was really patient and informative in helping me sort out my life insurance options. Which was helpful, since I'm terrible at being a grown-up. Couldn't recommend him more!"

– Nicole C., customer since 2017

"Jason took the time to look at my comprehensive requirements taking care of both my personal and business interests. He was able to better protect my property and casualty coverage as well as provide more appropriate liability coverage and in a cost effective way."

– Martin D., customer since 2016

"offered a lower payment, and a better payment plan than I had"

– Customer since 2016

"Tucker Coverage was a pleasure to work with, requiring hardly any work on my end. It was a smooth, seamless switchover from my current carrier, with very comparable rates. An extremely friendly company, quick turnaround and response time if questions were to arise. Great folks at Tucker Coverage!"

– Kristin S., customer since 2016

"Jason was easy to talk to, he communicated with me on the regular and prompt basis, and he was willing to do extra work to find out about insurance for me."

– Diane S., customer since 2016

"Not only did Tucker Coverage save me money, their response time is extremely fast, and the customer service is stellar!"

– Customer since 2015

"We have known Jason for years and he is proactive and attentive to all details. He has our best interests at heart and we moved our insurance to Jason because of these reasons listed above. He is a true professional."

– Dennis H., customer since 2016

"Cadillac coverage from a Cadillac guy."

– Kendrick W., customer since 2015

"I'd recommend a golf outing for all of your most preferred clients."

– Jesse N., customer since 2015

"You ensured a good comparison of my current policy and that the switch was as effortless for me as possible."

– Kristy T., customer since 2016