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One of the more disappointing statistics I’ve seen, as an independent insurance agent (and concerned neighbor) in Nashville: Only 37 percent of renters in the United States have a renters insurance policy.

So if a burglary, fire or other unexpected catastrophe pops up, almost two out of three Nashville renters would be stuck without the financial help of an insurance company, to replace belongings, cover temporary housing costs or absorb any liability issues.

Studies cite a lot of reasons for why American renters might skip renters insurance — some think it’s too expensive, others don’t see the value, many mistakenly assume that their landlords’ home insurance policy will cover their belongings and needs if something happens.

I can (and am eager to) disavow you of all those notions: Renters insurance is affordable, valuable and important — and your landlord’s insurance is only going to help with their problems, not yours.

Renters insurance basics

A quick breakdown of why I strongly encourage my renter neighbors in Nashville to seek out renters insurance:

— Renters insurance is really affordable, even on a tight budget. The most recent figures from the Insurance Information Institute (from 2014) show that the average annual premium in Tennessee hovers at a little over $200, or in the vicinity of $15 a month.

— Standard renters insurance policies generally cover a wide range of incidents, from fire/smoke losses to theft, weather, vandalism and certain kinds of water damage (like burst pipes, and other non-flooding-related happenings).

— Renters insurance will also cover your belongings outside your home, something that’s especially useful if you travel a lot and take along stuff that you care about (as many of my musician/artist neighbors in Nashville do).

— Your coverage will protect you against liability for property damage and bodily injury, and that coverage generally extends to incidents related to your family members and pets, too.

— If something happens that makes your home uninhabitable (anything from fire to storm damage), renters insurance can help there too, providing additional living expenses to keep you housed in the interim. ALE usually extends to other necessary expenses too, like meals while you’re not able to cook at home.

I wrote out a blog post that digs a bit deeper into the benefits of renters insurance, and I’m always happy to answer questions about general options and specific policies — just call or email Tucker Coverage.

Get a renters insurance quote

If you’re looking to sort out renters insurance coverage in Nashville, I can go over what kind of coverage you might need (from basic policies to floaters for valuables and umbrella policies to expand your protection), and shop around for suitable options and prices that fit your budget.

Working with an independent agent like me comes with other benefits, too — I can help walk you through the ins and outs of the policy you choose, and be on your side if you ever need to make a claim. And those benefits don’t cost clients anything extra.

Easy way to start: Call or email me, and tell me about what you’re shopping for.

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