We have multiple life insurance carriers to quote and the process couldn't be easier. 

If you’re starting a search for life insurance coverage in Nashville, odds are you’re coming into the process with a few frequently asked questions.

— When do I need to get life insurance?

— How much coverage makes sense?

— How much does it cost?

My job, as an independent insurance agent, is to offer answers, search for appropriate coverage at the best price possible, and help you navigate the onboarding process.

Added bonus: My services don’t come with any additional costs. In many cases, I can track down coverage that’s tailored to your needs at lower rates, and you get to pass off the comparison shopping to me.  (I work with a mix of the insurance industry’s most respected providers, including MetLife and Nationwide, and I focus on finding the provider, policy and rate that suits my clients’ needs best.)

Life insurance basics

The answers to the questions above (and most other commonly asked life insurance questions) will vary — your needs are distinct, and your coverage should match.

In searching for the right life insurance policy for you, your family, your assets and your future, we’ll go over a mix of details, from debt and income to dependents and investment plans. We’ll dig into what type of life insurance suits you and your budget best — period-specific term life, or whole life — and I’ll track down policy options that match.

I wrote a thorough rundown of life insurance basics on the Tucker Coverage blog, and you can dig into some deeper details there, if you’re just starting to research what you want and need.

But the key piece of life insurance advice I always try to impart:

The younger you are when you secure a life insurance policy, the better — a decent 30-year term life policy for a 20- or 30-something man or woman will probably set you back the equivalent of a few good lattes each month. As you get into your 40s and 50s, those rates can move up significantly.

Get a life insurance quote

I pride myself on making the insurance shopping process as frictionless as possible. If your comfort zone is analog, call Tucker Coverage and tell me about your insurance needs. If you’re a digital native, drop me an email at jason@tuckercoverage.com, or fill out the form to the right to start the quote process.

Aside of a little bit of paperwork and a basic health assessment, finalizing your life insurance coverage is relatively painless. And more than worth sorting out, sooner rather than later.

Looking to see what your options are with other types of insurance coverage? I can help with car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, small business insurance and many other types of coverage, too. (Bundling can often help lower your rates, and it’s a good idea to check insurance rates semi-regularly, to make sure you’re not missing out on discounts.)

Reach out if you have any insurance questions/needs in Nashville — I’m always happy to help.



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