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Our homes are our sanctuaries, our retreats, our castles… the place we store our ever-growing collections of stuff. But they’re also, for many of us here in Nashville (and around the world), the biggest financial investments we’ll make.

Like all investments, there’s risk involved. A big and untended-to Hackberry tree could smash into your roof. Lightning could crash into your chimney, or the old pipes in your East Nashville Victorian could burst and flood out the lower levels of your home. This, of course, is where home insurance comes in.

I don’t need to sell anyone on the virtues of home insurance — we all know: You buy a home, you insure it. But there’s more to home insurance than simply being insured. Unfortunately, way too many homeowners are underinsured, and find that out the hard way, when a catastrophe happens.

Most homeowners fall short on home insurance coverage

A quick figure: According to data from Marshall & Swift, two out of three U.S. homeowners are underinsured, by an average of almost 20 percent. So, more specifically: The vast majority of us would have a pretty serious gap if our home and stuff were wiped out in a catastrophic event. A burglary would leave a lot of homeowners stuck, too, with policies that don’t cover a fraction of valuable items’ replacement costs.

The specific ways we’re underinsured can vary — there’s those valuable items, like jewelry or music equipment, which stretch outside the limits of a standard homeowners policy. We might not have updated our coverage when renovations happened, or pricey additions, like sheds or fences, were installed. Sometimes insurance gaps are a function of modern life — homeowners renting out extra space with online vacation-rental outlets, and not realizing that a standard homeowners’ policy won’t cover that use.

Making sure you’re adequately covered on the home-insurance front depends on your specific situation. But for anyone, I’d recommend making an inventory, outlining how you plan to use your home (noting any business uses, like working at home, or renting out space), then, after thoroughly shopping for a home-insurance policy that fits your stuff and your needs, making sure you regularly update it as your life (and stuff) changes.

Added step: seeking out supplemental insurance to fill in the gaps where a homeowners falls short, like personal articles insurance or an umbrella policy.

It’s a lot of wrangling, I know. But it’s wrangling you’ll be glad you undertook, if anything happens that leads to a claim.

The benefits of an independent insurance agent

I came up in the Internet age too, and I get why, these days, a lot of us are driven to wrangle all our information gathering and comparison shopping on our own, online.

The one thing I’ll say to that: In the case of insurance, outsourcing all that work — and getting the benefit of help and direction from someone who breathes insurance every day — doesn’t come with any extra costs. In many cases, I can find better coverage at better rates than you will doing all the legwork on your own.

And if you ever have any questions, need to update your policy or have to make a claim, I’m at your service, whenever you need me.

I’d be honored to help you make sure your biggest investment — and the place you call home — is well covered. Call or email Tucker Coverage here, or if you prefer to work digitally, fill out the form to the right to grab an online home insurance quote.



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