Nashville insurance insight: fun, fast facts about home, car insurance and more

For the past year or so, I’ve been sharing interesting/weird/unusual insurance facts on the Tucker Coverage Instagram feed, in part because I like digging up factoids about my industry.

Sometimes those factoids are more utilitarian, like tips on when to shop for life insurance if you’re pregnant. Sometimes, they’re slightly more bizarre, like that time a herd of goats attacked a car because they saw their reflection in the shiny paint.

On occasion, I share some good money news, like the fact that insuring a car in Nashville tends to be 20 percent cheaper than the Tennessee average.

Insurance, in Nashville and everywhere, is multi-faceted.

For those of you who aren’t Instagrammers or who haven’t stumbled upon my #InsuranceFacts, I’ve collected a few of my favorites here. You can also peruse my whole feed. If you’d like to a fact delivered to your phone a handful of times a week, hope you'll give me a follow on Instagram.


The botany-impaired adjuster

The mugging duckling

Bug-busting, with fire

The double-whammy deer disaster

The spaghetti incident

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... 

When the “R” in RV stands for “Rats, so many rats”

A surprise Kangaroommate

Furry fraud

High-test shampoo

A camel with a kick

Cheers to the soggy couple

A husky home wrecker

Playing Santa, in a sense

Expensive auto dominoes

An eggstraordinary accident

Sneaking around, unsneakily

A mooing beauty

Hope you found these entertaining. If I can help with anything more serious — shopping for home insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, life insurance or small business insurance in Nashville, please let me know (or click the hyperlinks to grab an online quote).