Nashville insurance insight: FAQ about independent insurance agents

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I grew up in that cusp generation people are now (kind of disconcertingly) calling Xennials — born in an analog world, coming of age in a digital one.

So, when I was small, legacy service industries were big — you booked your vacations with a travel agent, called an accountant to do your taxes, linked up with an insurance agent to cover your cars, your homes and your lives.

Along the way, as we all got digitally tethered, folks my age and younger got disconnected from — maybe even a little distrustful of — those legacy services. Why call a travel agent when Captain Obvious says I can get the best hotels and rates by myself?

I get it, and I don’t shun the digital revolution — I still spend my allotted share of time ordering burritos through apps and trying to be funny on Instagram. But even if I’m a bit biased, I’ve come to feel really strongly that professional service industries like mine are returning to prominence because a) we’re all too busy doing everything ourselves to actually do everything ourselves b) having to research everything, all the time, is giving us a new appreciation of built-in expertise and c) what I do doesn’t cost anything extra — it usually saves money.

I think, ultimately, that independent insurance agents like me just need to make the value of what we do more clear, and more present, to people who’ve been convinced they have to lock themselves to a laptop to get anything and everything done.

So, in that spirit, here are some frequently asked questions about what I do, and how and why I do it, that I hope will shed light on why going with an independent insurance agent for all your insurance needs is easier, faster and all-around better.

Better know an independent insurance agent

Q: Who does an independent insurance agent actually work for?

A: You, if you’re my client. I have agreements with a long list of insurance providers, but I’m not answering to them — I’m answering to you.

My role and my goal is to find the best possible coverage for your needs, at the best possible rates, by comparing/contrasting what all the providers I work with can offer. I’ll make recommendations based on your needs and your preferences, and do the legwork of getting policies in place. I’m basically doing all the stuff you’d do on your own, but coming at it with the benefit of years of working in insurance — so I can break down the fine print in different policies, and help you settle on the right fit.


Q: What’s hiring you going to cost me?

A: Not a thing. I have agreements with insurance providers, and I’m compensated through them. What they get out of the deal, essentially, is having me run point with you — I help you shop, get set up with coverage, make changes if you need to, get a claim started if something happens. And along the way, I answer whatever questions you might have.

What you get out of it: an informed advocate, a devoted insurance-plan shopper, a human being who answers the phone and responds to your questions and needs, and insurance advice whenever you want/need it. More often than not, you get a cheaper insurance bill, too — I have a great track record with finding clients better coverage at lower rates, and I’d be glad to look into finding the same for you.



Q: How is working with you different from just hitting the website from a big brand I know?

A: To be completely honest, if you’re in college and working with a less-than-stellar driving record, I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re shooting yourself in the foot, going with one of the oft-advertised brands. Those companies specialize in getting medium- or higher-risk candidates covered, often at average or slightly higher-than-average rates. My general take: They’re a totally fine option while you get established.

As you get more settled — and your risk factor goes down — you generally have better options, with providers who offer broader, deeper coverage for excellent rates. Those providers really want people like you — adults with a responsible track record — and they’re willing to entice you with the best plans, and the best rates. Those are the types of providers I work with, and I can usually find a tailored plan from one (or several) that specifically suits your life and needs, and cuts down your costs.


Q: Are you gonna make me use the phone? I hate the phone.

A: Fret not, we can stay completely text-based. You can grab online quotes at for nearly any kind of insurance coverage you might need — auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, life insurance and small business insurance. I’ll email everything you need — you can sign your policies digitally, and text me when you have questions… If your ideal is to never hear a person’s voice through a phone again, I’m not here to ruin your chances.

Anything else you’re curious about, when it comes to what working with an independent insurance agent in Nashville is like? Reach out any time — I’d love to help you get covered.