Personal articles insurance policies help protect your prized possessions

If there’s one word I’d use to describe how I approach insurance coverage in Nashville: individualized. One person’s totally-adequate basic policy is another person’s woefully lacking coverage. To keep you (and your stuff) protected, we have to focus specifically on your needs, your life, and your belongings.

So, on that note, I’ll share something a lot of Nashvillians don’t think about: Your average homeowners insurance or rental insurance policy probably won’t cut it if your assets are, essentially, anything outside of the average.

If you’ve got a couple of flat-screen TVs and computers and maybe a few small pieces of jewelry, you’re probably fine. But what if we move into the realm of antique silverware, prized pieces of art, high-end cameras or valuable stamp and coin collections?

Should something like a break-in happen, chances are good that your average policy isn’t going to adequately cover the replacement of those especially valuable — and especially loved — items.


Low limits, high deductibles can leave you in a lurch


The problem you usually run into with standard home and renters insurance: Limits on unusual, expensive or luxury items — anything from furs to guns to art — can tend to be relatively low. And, along with those limits, you’ll usually also see significant deductibles, starting your recovery process with a big out-of-pocket loss. So while your technology might be covered adequately in a home break-in, you could end up with a big financial gap as your most treasured belongings are lost.

The solution: personal articles policies.

This is why I focus on individualized service. If we meet up/get on the phone to talk about insurance coverage in Nashville, we’ll go through everything that matters to you, from protecting your belongings to protecting your family’s financial well-being. And we’ll talk about the particular items that matter to you, and whether certain policies will keep you adequately covered.

If standard policy options don’t cut it, we can look at personal article policies (also sometimes called valuable items coverage, or personal property insurance) to add onto your homeowners insurance or renters insurance, or, to stand on their own.

Here are some of the benefits of personal articles policies:

— Policies usually cover full replacement of the covered items, and unlike, say, a car insurance policy, you generally won’t get dinged for any kind of depreciation. (Something particularly valuable should be re-appraised regularly to make sure the value is properly reflected.)

— With these policies, there’s usually no deductible, so you’re not hit hard out-of-pocket at the onset.

— Personal articles policies are designed to cover a broad scope of losses, from theft to accidental damage.

— This coverage usually applies worldwide, so you can feel comfortable, even if you’re an avid and busy traveler.

I’ve worked with clients on personal articles policies for all kinds of valued belongings. Here are a few examples of the more oft-covered kinds of items:

Jewelry (especially engagement rings)
Musical instruments and recording equipment (naturally, we see this a lot in Nashville)
Fine art (which can include anything from paintings/photos/sculptures to valuable rugs)
Antiques, from furniture to silverware
Collections (stamps, coins, etc.)
Sports equipment (like nice golf clubs, etc.)

That just scratches the surface — anything of value and that you value, pretty much, can get covered.


Covering your valuables isn’t going to break the bank


If you’re feeling like a exploring a personal articles policy is just another bill and another expense, hopefully I can set you at ease a little: These policies tend to be super, super affordable — often barely the cost of an average drink at your local coffee shop, per month.

If you drop your favorite tennis bracelet into the canals while you’re on vacation in Venice, or your vintage Gibson guitar is stolen while you’re out of town, you’ll be really glad you tacked on that extra few bucks. I’ve had a few clients get saved from a huge loss with this coverage — it’s a small addition with big benefits, and big peace of mind.

Let me know if you’d like to talk more about your options here, for personal articles or any other kind of insurance coverage in Nashville. I’d be glad to go over your specific picture, and give you some individualized recommendations or options to keep you adequately covered.

Call or email Tucker Coverage, and tell me about what you need.

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