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There are plenty of good arguments for having good car insurance coverage in Nashville. For one, if you’re driving, it’s legally required, and in 2017, the James Lee Atwood Jr. Law was put into place, cementing increased fines for uninsured motorists here.

There’s also rising crime-statistics — by the middle of 2017, the number of stolen cars had jumped 87 percent in Nashville from the year before.

Injury Crash Rates have been rising in Davidson County, too — from 2012 to 2016, numbers jumped almost 25 percent, according to stats from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office.

Whatever argument sways you, the bottom line: It’s smart to be protected, and as an independent Nashville insurance agent, I do everything I can to make it easy and as affordable as possible, too.

Not all car insurance is the same

“Good” is a relative word — what I mean, ultimately, is car insurance coverage that doesn’t leave you vulnerable if an accident or theft happens.

There’s meeting Tennessee’s legal auto insurance limits, and then there’s properly protecting yourself and your assets. Sometimes those live within the same basic policy, sometimes not. It all depends on your specific situation — your car, your net worth, where you live, where you drive.

Making sure you don’t have too little or too much coverage

This might seem a little left-of-center coming from an insurance agent, but: I’m just as concerned with my clients overdoing it on insurance coverage as I am with them being under-insured. I do my best to find ways to save my clients money, and that means finding all the discounts that might be available, comparing a mix of insurers to suss out the best rates, and making sure you don’t have more coverage than you need.

Take a Nashville driver with an old vehicle that’s driven sparsely, and has very little trade-in/sales value. Plenty of my insurance clients have kept collision and comprehensive coverage well past that being logical, just because they’ve always had it. But it might make a lot more financial sense to cut your car insurance coverage down to just liability, and pocket the savings for any repairs that come up.

On the flip side, Nashville drivers with means might want to expand beyond Tennessee’s legal minimums. If you’re in a wreck, and a court finds you liable for damage that extends well beyond your liability coverage, you’re on the hook for the remainder, and it can be considerable.

The thing that always runs through my mind: Luxury cars are becoming more and more run-of-the-mill across Nashville — what if you broadside a Tesla?

There are Nashville drivers, too, who have a nice, new car, and not a lot in the way of financial cushion. For them, inadequate coverage — a policy that only includes a car’s depreciated value, or coverage that skips rental car costs or personal/business items — could mean serious hardship if an accident happens.

My job, as an independent insurance broker, is to look at your specific situation holistically, recommend the best coverage specifically for you, and find you the best policy at the best price.

Exploring car insurance coverage options in Nashville? I’d be honored to help you find the right fit. Call or email Tucker Coverage here, or if you prefer to work digitally, fill out the form on the right for an online quote.





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